Mackenzie Reiter Humanitarian Photography


“While at our center in Uganda, Mackenzie
to be culturally sensitive and mindful of boundaries.”

Mackenzie Reiter joined Action in Africa in the spring of 2017 as a volunteer photographer at our community center in Uganda. Mackenzie was an absolute joy to have. Out of the 300+ volunteers we have had over the years, she is one that our kids and staff often still ask about. While in Uganda, Mackenzie went above and beyond to be culturally sensitive and mindful of boundaries. She made all our staff and the participants feel comfortable and confident. Still, to this day, a majority of images we use on our website and social media channels are photos that Mackenzie took three years ago. We are so grateful for all that she has contributed to Action in Africa and we hope she comes back to visit us in Uganda again soon!

Sarah Nininger
Founder & CEO of Action in Africa


Meet Mackenzie

Hi there, my name is Mackenzie and I am so happy you’re here! After half a year spent photographing and documenting the stories of locals throughout Uganda, my heart has fallen in love with humanitarian and documentary work. There is something so powerful of being able to share the story of someone from across the world through the means of a simple photograph. Throughout my time in school I minored in African Studies, so that, leading up to my time overseas I could ensure I was knowledgeable and culturally sensitive throughout different regions in Africa. I have now spent time in over three African Countries including Senegal, Uganda, and South Africa! But my love for storytelling and travel doesn’t stop there, with time spent in over 15+ countries including areas of Europe and SE Asia.

I understand the importance of storytelling for nonprofits, ethical companies, and global brands. I recognize the need to be culturally sensitive in different environments whether it be through a conservative wardrobe, speech, or the use of my camera.

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