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Bright and Joyful Austin Engagement Photos


When the Waiting Pays Off

“Patience” is the keyword when it comes to Shannon and Bo’s beautiful love story. This wonderful couple actually met at camp when they were teenagers! Shannon even has a funny story about Bo being too competitive to let her on his team in a game they played. 

They returned to camp year on year, and slowly their friendship grew. Then, one year, they showed up not as campers but as camp staff – and the sparks flew. Even then, Bo says it took him a solid 8 months before he even asked Shannon out!

Even after they got together, the waiting wasn’t over. They did a year of long-distance before Shannon could move to Austin and they could finally live in the same city. The deep bond that all those months of waiting have forged between them – well, it’s pretty evident in their Austin engagement photos. These guys were friends first, way before they fell in love, and it shows!

A Beautiful Afternoon Taking Austin Engagement Photos

For this shoot, I wanted to get Austin engagement photos that really reflected the joyful, down-to-earth energy of this couple. I love an elevated, elegant engagement shoot as much as anyone – trust me! – but there was something so fun and natural in just keeping this session clean and simple. Some of my favorite of these Austin engagement photos are the ones we took at Swedish Hill Bakery: it was like getting a glimpse into the perfect Saturday afternoon date. 

Shannon and Bo were a total joy to work with. They were so funny, so laid-back, and above all, they were so joyful and happy. I couldn’t be more excited for them to get married and start their life together. After all this time apart, the wait is finally over!

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