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What To Wear To An Engagement Session

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Ahh engagement sessions, my favorite!

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity for both of you to get to know and grow comfortable with your wedding photographer! Throughout the session, I will get to see how the two of you interact with one another, so that when the big day comes around you feel relaxed and at ease. This will also help me to ensure I can photograph you on your wedding day in a genuine way that truly reflects your personalities.



So what should you wear to an engagement session? For starters, we typically recommend one formal out and one slightly casual outfit so that you have two completely different looks for your session! In the above photo, Emily and Maxwell opted for a more formal look for their engagement session at the beautiful Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California. Locations with beautiful architecture typically work well for formal looks.


formal outfit inspiration

Formal outfits are my favorite for engagement sessions. It’s not everyday you get to dress up and take pictures! If you are opting for a formal look, make sure your location matches your wardrobe. It wouldn’t make sense to wear a cocktail dress or a full suit in a field! Consider a more urban location. We’ve included some examples below with a variety of different looks. Some of our favorite venues for a more polished look include – Laguna Gloria, Woodbine Mansion, The Louvre, and The Legion of Honor.


casual outfit inspiration

A summer dress, jumpsuit, or a cute top with pants! An outfit you’d feel comfortable wearing in a field or walking through a park!
I also recommend to wear comfortable shoes, we will do a lot of walking and I want to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the session! Some of our favorite locations for a more casual look include, fields of wildflowers in the spring time, McGovern Centennial Gardens, and any park with lush greenery!


Additional Wardrobe Tips

Additionally when looking for your session outfits, I recommend avoiding loud prints.
Soft pastels, solid colors, and neutrals typically photograph best. You don’t want a loud print to be distracting in the photos! Elizabeth opted for a beautiful rose colored dress below, this color really popped and photographed beautifully with Bull Creek Park as a backdrop!



Have additional questions or interested in working together for your engagement session? Send me a message here.