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How to Plan The Perfect Luxury Wedding at The Olana


Collage of bride and groom as well as ceremony sites at The Olana, image overlaid with text that reads How to Plan A Perfect Luxury Wedding at The Olana

Every so often, I come across a venue that captures my imagination. As a wedding photographer, I spend a lot of time in beautiful places. But sometimes a venue just has that special something that takes my breath away. History, whimsey, beauty – all play a part. But when they are paired with incredible service and thoughtful design, something truly wonderful happens. That’s what I encountered at The Olana.

When I photographed an exquisite wedding at this beautiful venue, I was so struck by the team’s attention to every detail. Built to evoke the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a stunning estate outside Paris, this property has been specifically designed to host gorgeous weddings. From the bridal suites to the ceremony sites to the activities available, you’ll find that.

Planning the Perfect Luxury Wedding at The Olana

The team at The Olana has worked hard to ensure that the process of planning a wedding with them is as smooth as possible – they know the power of their space and they are excited to help you take advantage of all they have to offer.

Full view of The Olana, the perfect luxury wedding and event venue in Texas

Take the Tour

They allow viewings by appointment only, so call ahead or use their contact form to book a private tour. If you’re on the fence about it, I would highly recommend the tour – being there in person is going to help you start to picture your wedding and allow you to ask the right questions. Bring your wedding planner with you so that you can assess the space together!

Unlimited Viewings

One of the wonderful things about planning a wedding at The Olana is that they offer unlimited viewings to their couples. You and your wedding planner can book appointments whenever you need – to decide on how you’ll use the space, take measurements, and design your decor.

One thing I would recommend is to go around the venue with your wedding photographer. There are so many beautiful places in The Olana – their sweeping spiral staircase in a dome of murals and the elegant indoor swimming pool in the bride’s suite are some of my favorites – that you really want a wedding photographer who will go the extra mile to plan out their unique shot list tailored to this special venue. And if you’d like to work with someone who already knows the space – well, you can always get in touch.

Book Your Details Meeting

If you’ve decided to get married at The Olana, the General Manager will get in touch to schedule a Details Meeting for around a month to six weeks before your wedding. This is the time when you can communicate your plan for the day and get the team at The Olana the information they need to get everything ready.

Some of the decisions you need to make before you come into this meeting include:

– The ceremony site you’re going to use
– The suite package you want to go for
– The enhancement specials you want to add to your package

Ceremony Sites at The Olana

One of the special things about this venue is that there are so many different ways to use the space. The Olana mansion sits at the heart of a pristine 40-acre estate, and there is a range of indoor and outdoor spaces that would all make truly stunning ceremony sites. 

The Solarium

The stunning heart of The Olana, this hall of grand windows lets the natural light pour down into the Solarium. Most couples choose to host their reception in this elegant space, but you should also consider it for a striking indoor ceremony.

The Solarium at The Olana, often used as a wedding reception venue

The Front Terrace

This ceremony site gives you panoramic views of the mansion and the perfectly manicured lawn. If you’re looking for something stately and striking, this could be the ceremony site for you.

The Back Terrace

Nestled in the leafy garden, the ceremony site in The Olana’s back terrace has a whimsical, romantic feeling. The back terrace has a backdrop of the glittering windows of the Solarium and the sweeping terrace staircases. This could be the perfect ceremony site if you have your heart set on a fairytale wedding.

The ceremony site in The Olana’s back terrace where a wedding ceremony is being held

Luxury Enhancements at The Olana

When you get married at The Olana, you have so many opportunities to make your time there feel magical and luxurious with personal touches. These are things to talk about with the General Manager and their team, who are working hard to deliver your dream wedding to you. There is so much flexibility for you to create the kind of wedding you want.

Decide on your suites

The Olana has two main suites. One is designed with a bride in mind, with makeup counters, a sauna, and a bar. The other is designed with a groom in mind, with a pool table and a two-lane bowling alley. Of course, you might want to swap them out. It’s up to you if you’d like to create mini-events in the course of your weekend to take advantage of these facilities.

You could schedule a groomsmen’s basketball game on the court, or hire musicians to play beside the optional second pool. To plan your luxury wedding at The Olana, have a clear idea of how you want to use your suites!

Decide on Your Catering

The Olana offers on-site luxury catering for your reception. They also offer the option to have a rehearsal dinner and/or a post-wedding breakfast with your loved ones. When you’re planning your wedding, decide if you want to go with their catering. Alternatively, you could opt to have other vendors cover different parts of the experience.

Getting Married at The Olana

As you can see, The Olana could be the perfect place to hold your luxury wedding. From the sheer beauty of the baroque architecture to the lush vibrancy of the gardens, everything about this unique venue is designed to awe and amaze.

Bride and groom pose at the stairs at The Olana during their wedding shoot taken by Mackenzie Reiter

It is such a joy to photograph celebrations here, and I would love to be part of commemorating your special day on these grounds – get in touch with me to discuss the possibility of working together!