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The Room on Main Dallas Wedding


The Perfect Room on Main Dallas Wedding 

Hannah and Tucker celebrated the first of many days until forever as a newly married couple at their Room on Main Dallas wedding. Their wedding day was full of magical moments and beautiful scenery, all accented with shades of light lilacs and stunning magenta. 

Hannah wore a breathtaking ball gown figure dress and Tucker wore a classic black tux for their traditional wedding. 

A Breathtaking Cultural Crowning Ceremony

Hannah and Tucker had an instant connection when they met – they are both such loving, kind people, with a deep value for their families and their faith. It’s easy to see why they fit so well together. When Hannah came down the aisle, there was no denying Tucker’s look of love for his future bride.

Hannah’s family is Lebanese, and so Hannah and Tucker incorporated some Lebanese traditions into their celebration. The bride and groom were ‘crowned’ during the ceremony, and it was such a peaceful, beautiful sight to capture. It really drove home the truth that at a wedding, you’re celebrating far more than two people coming together – you also get to celebrate the union of two families, too. Hannah and Tucker’s Room on Main Dallas wedding did that so well!

Lavish Room on Main Dallas Wedding Reception 

When it came time for the reception – The Room on Main blew us all away. The bride and groom had set up stunning white tables with beautiful floral arrangements to match the bouquets used during the ceremony. With large sunlit windows and hanging chandeliers, there wasn’t a moment during Hannah and Tucker’s Room on Main Dallas wedding reception that wasn’t beautiful. 

Hannah and Tucker danced to traditional Lebanese dance music and the rest of the evening was spent in laughter and fun. It was so cool to see Hannah and Tucker’s cultures intertwined throughout the day – this is a wedding I’ll remember for a long time.

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Photography: Mackenzie Reiter
Hair and Makeup: Brite Beauty