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Lakeside Country Club Wedding: Should You Get Married Here?


Stunning bride smiling as she ascends up the stairs in her bridal attire; image overlaid with text that reads Lakeside Country Club Wedding: Should You Get Married Here?

Founded in 1951, Lakeside Country Club has been offering elegance and comfort to the families of Houston for 70 years. But should you have a Lakeside Country Club wedding? It all depends on what you’re looking for in a wedding venue! Let’s take a closer look at what Lakeside Country Club offers to its guests so that you can decide if this is the right venue for you.

What Does a Lakeside Country Club Wedding Feel Like?

With impressive and stately architecture, lush grounds, and a rolling golf course, any Lakeside Country Club wedding is going to have a certain elegance in its backdrop. One of the great things about getting married here, however, is that you have options for how exactly you want your wedding to feel.

Are you aiming for something classic and luxurious? A Lakeside Country Club wedding can certainly provide you with a stunning experience. But, if you want an understated celebration with more of an emphasis on family, the Club can also accommodate that.

The Spaces and Places of a Lakeside Country Club Wedding

The Club was renovated in 2014, and the spaces that the Lakeside Country Club has to offer for a wedding are one of the things that make this venue so special. Let’s take a closer look at them.

#1 – The Lake and Grounds

It’s in the name – a huge reason to have a Lakeside Country Club wedding is the lake itself! Nestled in the pristine golf course, the lake is a beautiful oasis that yields to-die-for wedding photographs. The grounds are so lovely – a highlight feature is the footbridge bridge suspended above part of the lake. It gives the grounds a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for weddings.

Groom plants a kiss on the side of the bride's head as she smiles while holding hands, with a gorgeous view of the lake and the bridge

#2 – The Sweeping Staircase

It might sound funny to comment specifically on a staircase, but it’s such a great example of the overall atmosphere here. The sweeping double staircase with iron-wrought railing gives such a sense of grandeur to a Lakeside Country Club wedding. Just imagine descending this staircase in your wedding dress – it’s a true fairytale moment.

The stunning bride walking up the sweeping double staircase with iron-wrought railing at the Lakeside Country Club taken by Mackenzie Reiter Photography

#3 – The Grand Ballroom

Lakeside Country Club has a variety of reception rooms and event spaces that can accommodate a whole range of different wedding sizes. Their Grand Ballroom can seat up to 600 people, and it is the perfect canvas to make your own.

#4 – The Balcony Views

You could hold a cocktail hour in the room leading out onto the balcony – it has huge, beautiful windows that pour in the view of the golf course and the lake. The room opens out onto the deck that overlooks the grounds, including the picturesque bridge. Giving your guests this kind of indoor-outdoor experience is a wonderful way to break up the day before everyone heads inside for the reception dinner.

#5 – Ceremony Sites

For a Lakeside Country Club wedding, you have plenty of great options for where you want to hold your ceremony. The grounds themselves would be a stunning place for an outdoor wedding, or you could think about hosting your ceremony on one of the two different outdoor patios. There are several fabulous reception rooms that would be excellent choices for an indoor ceremony.

Wedding ceremony happening at the Grace Presbyterian Church, a ten-minute drive away from the Lakeside Country Club

Lakeside Country Club is also just a ten-minute drive away from Grace Presbyterian Church, a gorgeous traditional church with beautiful wood paneling and a grand golden organ. Lots of couples choose to hold their ceremony in this lovely venue and then make the short drive over to the Club for their celebrations.

Planning a Lakeside Country Club Wedding Is a Breeze

Couples who plan a Lakeside Country Club wedding consistently talk about how easy the planning process is. The Club has an incredible team of staff, including event planners who’ll be your main point of contact. They have a track record of going above and beyond, not only with running the typical event packages but also with designing custom experiences for their guests. Working with them will allow you to transfer most of the details over to a capable team and trust that the end result will be beautiful.

Don’t Have a Lakeside Country Club Wedding If:

At this point, you can tell that I’m a fan of this wedding venue! Shooting weddings here has been a joy. But it wouldn’t be a fair blog if I didn’t talk about some of the reasons why you might not want to have a Lakeside Country Club wedding, so if you’re on the fence, let’s have a look at the cons list:

#1 – You Want an Informal, Bohemian Wedding

This venue really lends itself to elegance and refinement. If you’re looking to hold an event that is a little more rustic, bohemian, or out-of-the-box, you might want to consider a wedding venue that supports that vision!

#2 – You Have Your Heart Set on External Vendors

You certainly can work with the Club to bring in external vendors like musicians and florists, but the planning really works best when you are working with the in-house services and sticking to their parameters. As we’ve discussed, their in-house planning service is excellent. If you wanted to bring in unique entertainment, you might want to consider other options.

The wedding reception setup with peach-colored tablecloth and grand floral centerpieces at the Grand Ballroom

#3 – You Want to Get Out Into Nature

If you are dreaming of letting nature into your wedding day, the pristine and manicured golf course here might not scratch that itch. The grounds here are a definite selling point for some couples, but if you’re looking for the wildness of Houston countryside or more of a ranch feel, this isn’t the venue for you.

Elegant bride posing at the the pristine and manicured golf course at the Lakeside Country Club

#4 – You Want an On-Site Honeymoon Suite

As a country club, rather than a hotel, this venue doesn’t offer honeymoon suite accommodation or overnight accommodations for your guests. You’ll have to book a wedding night stay somewhere else, and all your guests will need to do the same. This might be totally fine with you. However, some couples enjoy having their wedding party, and their family all stay together the night before the wedding and/or the day after. This is just something to keep in mind as you plan!

Should You Have a Lakeside Country Club Wedding?

If you’re considering getting married in this venue and you’re just looking for confirmation, I’d say: go for it! It’s beautiful and elegant. Plus, its architecture and events team have an amazing capacity to make your vision for your wedding come to life. 

The bride and groom with their entourage posing in front of the Lakeside Country Club

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